This is what our team tells us at Divine HomeCare

Being a carer doesn’t mean it’s just about their everyday needs it’s so much more. For example: getting to know them and taking time to understand what  will make their daily routine a more rewarding day. I like to find out what they like to do…

One of the people that I look after, JB has been crocheting lots of coloured shapes while watching TV.

During the time spent with her I decided it would be nice if we make use of her hard work and put together this rainbow picture of hope during the lockdown…it’s the small things that make a difference.

In addition to this project I have been knitting, looming and a bit of “play arm-wrestling” just to put back that smile on their faces

The Rainbow of Hope- Made by Jeannette and Jenny

Elderly lady and her dog sit with rainbow they made

Jenny with her Rainbow of Hope

Jeanette Perrett

Support Worker -Divine HomeCare Solutions, June 2020

I joined Divine HomeCare not so long ago and I already feel like part of the fold. The management operate an open door policy which promotes efficiency, transparency and professional courtesy as issues or concerns get ironed straight away. Divine HomeCare has allowed me to utilise my transferrable skills and work experience and continuously provide opportunities for my career development. They constantly check to ensure that I am working towards achieving my goals. This is a company that I feel I can grow with. I completely and honestly recommend Divine HomeCare. TC-Carer

I almost left the care profession as I was fed up with poor standards. Then Divine HomeCare came along and they have made me feel more rejuvenated, I now love my job again and have remembered why I joined home care from the onset which is to make a difference to the vulnerable.


Working at Divine HomeCare is more than just another job. It feels like a second home. I have felt so welcomed by everyone and the training and support of the managers has been so amazing. BC-Carer

I like my role as a carer at Divine HomeCare because I get time to get to know my clients at a one-on-one level. I also get the opportunity to sit down and listen to their stories as  well as share a cup of tea whenever possible. This is how person-centred care should be. TN-Carer

It’s great that I  am able to meet new people all the time. I find the working pattern flexible. am pleased that I can generally work the hours that suit my school runs and this really makes it easier for my husband and I to work around each other without any hustle. MG-Carer

I find my role as so much more to me than just being a job as I am able to express my individuality. I get the chance to meet clients from different backgrounds with so much to learn from them. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and approachable. Also, the training that I’ve had has strengthened my ability to look after my Clients. AK-Carer